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Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Lawrence Adams, and I am the Healthy Professor!

I have had a very successful and distinguished career in the Education field, whether that be teaching students in schools in the City of Toronto, or mentoring teacher candidates, from the University of Toronto!

My specialization has predominantly been in the field of Physical and Health Education, teaching, and helping students appreciate the importance of living a balanced healthy lifestyle, while also teaching them the importance of taking care of themselves whether that be by eating nutritious foods, incorporating physical fitness in there day to day activities, and taking the time to get adequate rest as well!

The Healthy Professor fully understands that in this fast paced world, some may find it difficult to incorporate a healthy lifestyle on a day to day basis, yet one has to recognize the importance of trying to find some time to take care of themselves!

One way of taking care of yourself, is by performing simple basic movements such as walking, or other movement activities that one enjoys, even if it’s just for a few minutes of the day?!

The Healthy Professor has always advocated the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, while also trying to incorporate regular physical movement activities as well! Some of the physical movement activities that the Healthy Professor enjoys on a weekly basis, include working out in the gym, yoga, jogging, swimming, cycling, and going out for long walks in nature.

There is a lot of information on health and fitness, including all kinds of diets to follow, some useful and some confusing, yet, the Healthy Professor would also like people to try and find time in the day, or evening, for meditating, calming the mind, and getting proper rest as well, which are all very important, in addition to physical movements, while maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle! Whether one is doing their best in eating nutritious wholesome foods, to meditating, or exercising regularly, the importance of taking care of oneself, should not be taken lightly.

One of the main purposes of this website in addition to advocating a healthy lifestyle, is that the Healthy Professor will be taking the time, to study and research the latest healthy lifestyle trends, that come out from time to time, in helping determine there overall effectiveness.

The Healthy Professor may be offering coaching sessions in the future online, regarding health and fitness topics! Look for further details in the Blog section of this website, for more information!

One healthy lifestyle trend, that the Healthy Professor has come across for a healthier lifestyle, is an exciting product feature that the Healthy Professor would like to endorse, and bring to your attention, on the next page!

Let us embark on a journey of self discovery together, with the Healthy Professor, endeavoring to help people make more positive choices, when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle!

Please try to stay healthy, with the Healthy Professor’s guarantee recipe of success, in making more healthy informative choices, for a better you!

Yours in good health,

Healthy Professor

Lawrence Adams


The featured product that the Healthy Professor is very excited to introduce, is a retro phone handset device, from Opis Technologies, which will help negate the harmful effects of radiation, while making daily cell phone calls.



  • John F. Kennedy
    Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.
    John F. Kennedy
  • Joyce Meyer
    I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.
    Joyce Meyer
  • Ann Wigmore
    Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy and spirit you possess or takes away from it.
    Ann Wigmore


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