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Exclusive Canadian Distributor

The Healthy Professor fully understands that the use of cell phones and other wireless devices, has become universal, however, unfortunately, there have been too many studies by accredited researchers, that cell phones emit electromagnetic fields (emf’s) of radiation while sending signals from the cell phone towers.

It seems that when people use cell phones, and place their devices next to their heads during phone calls, they are at potential risk from receiving these harmful fields of radiation!

One way of protecting yourself, and negating these harmful fields of radiation when talking on your cellphone, is to use the phone, with a proper handset (such as the Opis 60’s micro handsets) by your head, which will greatly neutralize these harmful effects, while speaking, and listening on the phone.

The Healthy Professor came across a company in Germany, called Opis Technologies. They specialize in the Opis 60’s micro handsets, which is a retro looking handset device, that looks, and feels like a regular telephone handset device, that a lot of people may have used in the past, when landlines were so popular.

Opis Technologies designs these handsets in Germany, and all that one has to do, is plug the end of the handset, into the 3.5 mm jack of most cell phones, and the sound quality is excellent, loud and clear, as well being healthier for one to use as well, without the detriment of receiving some radiation effects, that cell phones transmit.

For those individuals who use a newer version of the Apple iphone models, where there is no 3.5 mm jack, there is an adapter (lightning to 3.5 mm audio jack dongle) that can then be plugged into the phone, in order to use the Opis Retro handset properly, and functionally!

The Healthy Professor was so impressed with the Opis 60’s Micro Handsets, that when inquiring about these handsets with the Opis Technologies management team, and having back and forth conversations, the company has made me the exclusive Canadian distributor of these handsets!

These handsets come in all various colours to suit your personal preference styles, and are available on the Healthy Professor Website.

The Healthy Professor is pleased to offer these handsets, and the devices will be shipped across Canada, by Canada Post! There will be free shipping and handling on all Canadian based orders, and for those orders placed by individuals from other Countries, there will be a small shipping, and handling fee.

Payment can be made online through Paypal, and all prices are in Canadian dollars. If you have any questions regarding the phone handset devices, please feel free to send your inquiries to the contact page, and either the Healthy Professor, or one of the dedicated representatives of the Healthy Professor, will get back to you, with a response.

The Healthy Professor will further guarantee that any products such as the featured product of the Opis Micro 60’s handset device, on this website, and any other future products that are also proven worthy by the Healthy Professor to use, and endorse, will be tested out beforehand for quality control, and overall satisfaction!


  • low radiation
  • classic brilliant colours
  • high audio quality

Technical Specifications

  • classic phone receiver
  • simply plug and phone
  • fits all mobile phones with 3.5mm socket (some with included adapter): iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Sony Ericcsson Xperia, HTC, etc.
  • free of gimmicks, switches, buttons or flashing LEDs



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