Welcome to the Healthy Professor’s blog page! First topic, retro handset to help with Cell phone calling!

    Welcome to the Healthy Professor’s blog page! First topic, retro handset to help with Cell phone calling!

    Welcome to the Healthy Professor blog!!

    The Healthy Professor will endeavour to do my best to search for the latest health related trends, that make sense to the Professor,, from an educational point of view.

    It is common knowledge, that  taking care of oneself, is paramount to one’s health! This can encompass a lot of different avenues, from daily walking, eating nutritious foods, exercising, (if you are able to), practising meditation, or deep breathing, and trying to find times or breaks to rest, and if that is not possible, to make sure you have a proper routine in place, including the importance of sleeping each and every night!

    The Healthy Professor recognize that life is a journey, yet, it should also be exciting,  even when faced with challengees that we may experience each and every day, whether that be in the workplace, home, or one’s environment.

    One challenge, the Healthy Professor found,  is the continued use of cell phone technology. I could remember, when life in the past seemed much simpler, yet with the advent of today’s technology, we seem to be wired into instant gratification, that yesterday’s news, is already old news, which is unfortunate.The way most people use cell phones, is not that healthy when the phone is pressed up against one’s ear, and is heating up, let alone having the phone emitting harmful electro magnetic fields (emf’s) (from the cell phone towers), that can’t be that healthy in the long run?!

    The Healthy Professor,  came across a simple device, to help combat these problems with continued use of the cell phones, and this product device is developed, and designed in the Country of Germany, called the Opis Technologies Retro 60’s micro handset.This handset is plugged into the 3.5 mm jack of your cell phone, and it reduces up to 99% of the radiation, as well as making cell phone calls not only healthier to use, yet fun as well. Similar to the handsets of the past, when landlines were so popular, the healthy professor feels that every household should have these handsets when using there cellphones!

    In closing, on this first blog, the Healthy Professor, will do my best, exploring other useful topics of health related interest, for your perusal, and enjoyment, and in the meantime, check out the retro handset on the website, and as always,  if you, a friend, or family member  has any questions or comments, of a health lifestyle product, that they would like some feedback on, in addition to the retro handsets, the healthy professor believes in, and is marketing,  please feel free to let us know, and the Healthy Professor, or a dedicated member of his team will get back to you!

    Try your best to stay healthy!

    Healthy Professor

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